I am praying for everyone

Thanking the Daughters of St. Paul for their best wishes for his 50th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood (1957), he said:

I am praying for everyone. I know that [the FSPs] everywhere are following Prima Maestra and this is everything. In fact, it is your way to holiness and the apostolate. And then? We will all be together in heaven. I give you all my blessing (CVV 238).

After the death of Maestra Thecla, Fr. Alberione preached repeatedly about her holiness and her role in the Congregation and in the Pauline Family. Here is one brief extract:

Embrace the holy heritage she left you. Remember that you will have other Prima Maestras but only one Mother because she is the person who gave you the spiritual life and vocation as she discovered it and was guided and sanctified in it…. Who shaped everything? Prima Maestra and therefore she is both your Mother and Maestra (Teacher). The legacy she left you is a precious heritage. If a child receives a large inheritance from his/her father and increases it, so much the better. Therefore, increase the inheritance you have received and never stop [doing this] because the whole Institute is still in need of great development. (29 March 1964)


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