Prego tanto per voi, per tutte, che tutte possiamo arrivare alla santità cui siamo chiamate. Vi desidero tutte sante: per questo ho offerto la mia vita; per tutte, che arriviamo alla santità che il Signore vuole da noi.
Venerabile Tecla MerloCofoundress of the Daughters of St. Paul
Moving toward beatification

Beatification Process

SR. THECLA MERLO: ON THE WAY TO SAINTHOOD Alberione and Thecla: two saints who carried the newborn Congregations of the Pauline Family in their arms. On 25 January 1987, in the Temple of St. Paul in Alba, Italy, two solemn ceremonies took place: the closure of the information-gathering process on the life, virtues and works […]

Little Sylvie

(Published in Il Cooperatore Paolino, n. 5 (May 2003), pp. 15-16) Sylvie is a beautiful 7-year-old whose family lives near our convent. She is an only child but her father’s relatives spend a lot of time with her and her parents. Her father, Katambu Zefirino, lost his job because of the ongoing civil war in […]

Prayer for the Beatification

Most Holy Trinity, thank you for the gifts of light, grace and virtue granted to Venerable Sr. Thecla Merlo, and for having chosen and made her the wise mother and reliable guide of the Daughters of St. Paul. Through her intercession, grant that I may live of her great loves: Jesus Master, the Eucharist, the […]

Testimonies of graces received

Through the intercession of Venerable Sr. Thecla Merlo (Pauline Cooperators- Bulletin, n. 7/2006, p. 27)   We would like to share with our readers the account of Sr. Graziana Lo Scialpo, fsp, concerning what happened to her when she was a missionary in Venezuela: The date was 3 August 1965 and we were leaving Caracas […]

Canonical Process leading to the declaration of Maestra Thecla Merlo as “Venerable”

  • 11 July 1967
    Cardinal Arcadio Larraona, Prefect of the Sacred Congregation of Rites, is formally petitioned to open the information-gathering process concerning Maestra Thecla Merlo.

  • 15 July 1967
    The Sacred Congregation of Rites publishes a decree opening the ordinary information-gathering process.
  • 26 October 1967
    The Vicariate of Rome initiates the Ordinary Process of gathering testimonies and documentation concerning M. Thecla’s life, virtues, reputation for holiness and the miracles obtained through her intercession. The process closes on 23 March 1972.
  • 10 December 1967
    The Tribunal of Alba opens the Rogatorial Process, which closes on 4 May 1971.
  • 21 October 1982
    The Vicariate of Rome opens the Apostolic Process, which closes on 17 June 1987. The opening and closing of the Process take place in the headquarters of the Tribunal in Rome.
  • 22 January 1991
    Pope John Paul II signs the decree proclaiming that M. Thecla Merlo was heroic in virtue and declares her “Venerable.”

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