I am praying for everyone

Thanking the Daughters of St. Paul for their best wishes for his 50th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood (1957), he said: I am praying for everyone. I know that [the FSPs] everywhere are following Prima Maestra and this is everything. In fact, it is your way to holiness and the apostolate. And then? We […]

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The government must continue…

On the occasion of the Chapter held immediately after Prima Maestra’s death to elect a new Superior General, Fr. Alberione said: The government must continue, applying itself always more to particularities, because Prima Maestra had special faculties, besides having a much broader view of everything. Now we have reached the point of normal government. Hers […]

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A program of Life

Today is the Feast of St. Thecla. Today the Church invites us to rejoice. St. Thecla is considered to be the first female Christian martyr. This feast invites us to rejoice because the name of this saint is a program of life. The same is true of Prima Maestra. If all [the FSPs] possessed the […]

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