Mother of the Daughters of St. Paul and of the Whole Pauline Family

Ariccia, 5 April 1964

She [Maestra Thecla] has left us many example, including this one: with a big heart, she always generously helped the Institutes of the Pious Disciples, the Pastorelle Sisters and the Apostolines. With her own hands she prepared their habits down to the smallest details, making and remaking them until she considered them to be suitable. She also helped the Annunciationists. This witnesses to her great heart, to her genuine charity. There was truly no selfishness or envy in her. Far from it! She rejoiced in every good outcome that she noted in the different Congregations of the Pauline Family.1

1 From the Minutes of various sessions of the II General Chapter of the FSPs (the “Extraordinary Chapter”), Rome, April 1964, p. 16.

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