59° Anniversario della morte della Venerabile sr Tecla Merlo

Celebrazione eucaristica, Roma 4 febbraio 2023 Presieduta da S.E. Rev.ma Card. Gianfranco GHIRLANDA Basilica Santa Maria Regina degli Apostoli


My Mother is Holy!

I never imagined I’d ever be writing a testimony about Maestra Thecla, even though she has always been someone I love very much and...


Maestra Thecla: Strength and Tenderness

“She who has knowledge, mental ability, a big heart, a spirit of sacrifice, an immense desire for holiness and a great thirst for souls…will...


“Let’s Be Smart!”

Saying yes to the request to write a short article about Maestra Tecla, despite the fact that I had not known her personally and...


I am fortunate

My life in the Congregation has been full, rich and I dare say “fortunate,” or perhaps “graced” is a better word. I have met...



Madagascar | Grazie sr Telca. Prega per noi! Chiedo una grazia per la nostra delegazione, e le nostre famiglie. Lalatiana

100 years of the Daughters of St. Paul

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