A program of Life

Today is the Feast of St. Thecla. Today the Church invites us to rejoice. St. Thecla is considered to be the first female Christian martyr.

This feast invites us to rejoice because the name of this saint is a program of life. The same is true of Prima Maestra. If all [the FSPs] possessed the prayer and humility of Prima Maestra, they would always enjoy great interior and exterior peace even in the midst of troubles, which are certainly never lacking in life and which increase the more we try to be good. They grow in proportion to our age, in proportion to the sufferings we merit, and in proportion to those that we merit because the Lord sends them to the ones who are able to bear them so as to increase in holiness.

Prima Maestra’s piety is known to everyone, not only because of how much she prays and her fidelity to the practices of piety, but above all because of the quality of her prayer life.

(23 September 1960)

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