Boundless Love

Only now do we grasp your stature,
which was as commonplace as bread,
and–like bread–very nutritious and necessary.
Without you, we would not have developed as we did.
Perhaps your death was necessary
to bring this truth home to us.
You never allowed us to stop and admire you
when you were a simple, quick
and hardworking presence among us.
Instead, you wanted us to move ahead,
to race along the trail you had blazed for us.
You incarnated the joy and eternal youth of Christianity,
lived in the light of the Divine.
You believed in God and in heaven
with a faith that burned more brightly than a bonfire.
Fully aware of what you were doing,
you obediently followed in the footsteps of Fr. Alberione,
that great man of God.
You loved your big family wholeheartedly and ardently.
Each of us can say: “How much she loved me!”
You loved all humanity–
a mark of the unbounded possibilities of love.
A woman of our time, you loved the world deeply
and understood it.
Your acutely sensitive soul
enabled to you intuitively grasp and take upon yourself
the spiritual needs of all peoples.
And so you sent out your sisters
to work under all the skies of the world,
so that the salvation of Christ would reach every human being.
In every part of the globe, the Daughters of St. Paul
sing the glory of God by means of their lives.
They witness to their special consecration
by operating printing presses, filmmaking equipment and microphones,
by traveling the world’s highways and byways
as messengers of the goodness of God,
bearing his illuminating, vivifying and sanctifying Word.
The Daughters of St. Paul–your sisters–
are living witnesses to everyone
as to what your boundless faith and love
were able to accomplish.

Sr. Letizia Panzetti, fsp

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