Sr. Veronica Doss  Testimony


Dearest Sr Anna Caiazza,

Praise the Lord with me for His great mercy is without end.

My heart is full of deep gratitude and praise to Him who gave me a second life and a second chance to praise Him, love Him and serve Him now and for all eternity.

About a year ago around this time, I would not have dreamed of sharing this testimony with you.

I was first diagnosed with cancer in the month of May 2020. From then on, began the rounds of chemo. I had almost 8 chemo treatments and the medicine—some of it increased the pain—frightened me.

At that time it all seemed so dark, so hopeless…all I could think of was the terrible pain and the nagging doubt about whether I would make it through this dark night. Every step was a torture then. All there was were tears, and tears and everything looked sad and gloomy. I wondered why. I was under shock and physically, mentally, and psychologically affected. All I could think at that time was I will not be able to make it and said, “Jesus please take me. I just cannot bear this suffering and pain.” I was not even able to walk, even to take a step. I would groan with pain, nothing to say about eating and sleeping.

The doctors who began the treatment told the sisters that my condition was bad and serious and that the cancer had spread so much that they needed to pray and storm Heaven.

On that day began the pray warriors, none other than sisters in my community and the entire province. Everyone was on their knees before the Blessed Sacrament. A special adoration was initiated for my healing and Heaven was literally stormed with prayer for me.

My community sisters, my province and sisters in the congregation with one mind and heart began to invoke the powerful intercession of our Prima Maestra Thecla for my healing. I truly believe —and not only me, but also all the sisters in the entire province believed in the moment they came to know that my report was normal —that it was through Prima Maestra Thecla’s intercession. On 5 February, the anniversary of Prima Maestra Thecla’s entry into Heaven, I got the news that my scan report was normal.

The Doctor, who I have to be especially grateful for, really did a wonderful job. The Doctor too is the Lord’s blessing. And most of all, our Greatest Doctor JESUS, put His hands and mind in the hands and mind of my Doctor to give me the right treatment.

About a year ago at around this time, I would not have dreamed of sharing this testimony with you. So my dear Friends all I can say, with our Sweet Mother MARY is, “My soul glorifies the Lord. My Spirit rejoices in God my Savior!”

With prayerful wishes,

Sr. Veronica Doss, fsp
(Community: Bangalore, India)


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