Act quickly…

Urged on by the need to do good, M. Thecla invited the Daughters of St. Paul to be very courageous. To her way of thinking, if an initiative could benefit the people, then the sisters should let nothing stop them from forging ahead in the spirit of the Pact: “By myself I can do nothing, but with God I can do all things.” Sr. Stefanina Cillario, who carried out a very fruitful apostolate in Brazil for many decades, recounts:

“During Prima Maestra’s last visit to Curitiba in 1959, she was especially interested in the work we were doing in a small radio station belonging to the Archdiocese. She  carefully weighed our efforts, yearnings, possibilities and problems. It pained her to learn that other radio stations were willing to air tapes of our catechetical programs and conferences but that technical and practical problems made it impossible for us to satisfy their requests. … +More



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