The Trinity is my family

Maestra Thecla was fully aware that “it is Jesus who lives in me, along with the Father and the Holy Spirit. To remain united to the Divine Master….” As early as October 1951, she wrote: “The Trinity is my family.” Guided by her spiritual director, Blessed James Alberione, Maestra Thecla opened her life to the […]

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Act quickly…

Urged on by the need to do good, M. Thecla invited the Daughters of St. Paul to be very courageous. To her way of thinking, if an initiative could benefit the people, then the sisters should let nothing stop them from forging ahead in the spirit of the Pact: “By myself I can do nothing, but with God I can do […]

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The people in her heart

Returning to Rome from her trips abroad, Maestra Thecla spoke enthusiastically about the customs, climate and natural beauty of the countries she visited, but at the same time she always underscored the sufferings and moral miseries of the people. “If only those multitudes of people could know the Lord!” she exclaimed. Aware that indigenous Daughters of St. Paul could approach their own […]

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As clear as glass

In his homily for Maestra Thecla’s funeral liturgy, Cardinal Arcadio Larraona said, “You don’t know–you can’t know–how much [your Prima Maestra] suffered, worked and prayed…. At this point, you find everything done. But things didn’t get done by themselves. How much hard work, how many inspirations, how much correspondence [to grace], how many sacrifices, and […]

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