A Mother and Beacon

The word “mother” is non-temporal in character because it is a reality that goes beyond space and time. This is true of both physical...


Three Characteristics of Maestra Thecla

Like many Daughters of St. Paul of my generation, I got to know Maestra Thecla through her writings and the testimonies of FSPs of...


My Experience with Maestra Thecla

April 1952: I was thirteen years old and had just entered the Congregation. The FSP community of Porto Alegre, in the State of Rio...


Letter to Sr. Thecla

I was asked to write an article–actually, a testimony– about Venerable Thecla Merlo. I accepted the request because it is hard for me to...


56° Anniversario della morte della Venerabile sr Tecla Merlo


Ir. Aucilene de Moura Lima

Brazil | Oh Mestra Tecla, interceda por todas as pessoas que sofrem por causa de doenças, drogas, abandono e falta de sentido para vida....

100 years of the Daughters of St. Paul